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Colorado African Cultural 
Center - "CACC"

At Colorado African Cultural Centre, we celebrate and empower the African community in Colorado. We also have various programs to economically empower youths and young adults in the community.Our festivals appreciate and spread awareness about the African culture Our goal is to foster diversity, unity and integration in Colorado and create more opportunities for success.

CACC was established in 2017 to empower the African and African American communities and to foster unity, diversity and inclusion between different communities in Colorado. We are a team of passionate and qualified individuals who understand the challenges the African community face and how to solve them.

About US

This is a promising Career Development Program aimed at helping individuals enhance their skill sets and secure employment.

This program offers knowledge and skills necessary to make informed and effective decisions about money management  and purchasing and possessing a residential property. 

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Here vibrant culture meets community celebration! Join us for a colorful extravaganza honoring the rich heritage of African fashion, music, and cuisine.

Aims to support entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in their growth and development. These program typically offer a combination of mentorship, training, networking opportunities, and sometimes funding to help startups scale their operations.

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